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FaceLogics Redaction Request

This will relieve your agency from this daunting task at no charge to your department. The team we have implemented, are CJIS certified and have accounts to such services as evidence.com to access the videos and create a redacted copy for your records division to disperse to the proper requesting entity.

The advantages can include, but are not limited to:

  - No charge to your agency

  - Not having to hire additional positions

  - No on-going training in viewing and redacting

  - Not having to purchase additional computer equipment

  - No Payments for redacting software and/or yearly fees for additional online software which usually exceeds      $8,000 per year

   - We are a third party service

   - A professional, proficient and dedicated team to handle the workload and relieve you records section of hours      upon hours of viewing and redacting

   - CJIS certified

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