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A Service Not a Program


All that is needed is a computer, tablet or smart phone and an Internet connection, FaceLogics takes care of the rest. Just go to our website, click on “agency requests”, click on “composite view window” and you’re up and running. The victim or witness views and interacts remotely, in real time, with a forensic artist as they complete the interview and render the facial composite. No programs required or installed.

Police Artist Sketch

Composite Software

FaceLogics Color Composite

FaceLogics Forensic Artist Officer/Detective’s view Victim/Witness’s view FaceLogics Composite FaceLogics Composite Suspect Suspect FaceLogics Composite Suspect FaceLogics Composite Suspect Updated cold case composite from 1980 originally using Smith and Wesson Ident-A-Kit FaceLogics Composite Suspect FaceLogics Composite Suspect FaceLogics Composite Suspect FaceLogics Composite Suspect

We produce realistic, lifelike, color composites exactly as the victim or witness wishes, with details such as teeth, scars, marks, hats, beards, tattoos and anything else needed. No one else produces composites as lifelike and effective as FaceLogics technology.


FaceLogics Results Update your cold case composites with FaceLogics Technology Composite of cold case suspect with age progression to present time